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About The Bliaut

What is a Bliaut?

The exact nature of the bliaut is subject to some debate. It is much more form fitting than the garments that come before, and there is a lot of debate on how it was made/ worn. It was characterised by long loose flowing sleeves and a tight fitting bodice (although it does not seem to have been laced - again, this is open to debate).

The bliaut's principal primary documentation comes from the statues at Chartres Cathedral.

Some things are generally agreed on: the garb does not require a corset, and the early 20th century interpretations are mostly wrong.

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What is this? This is The Garbindex - a guide to making garb for recreationists (ie how to sew clothes that will make you look genuinely medieval, when 'playing' with such groups as the SCA, doing LARP - or even making something really genuine for drama.)

Use these resources to find resources that will help you create clothing that looks great - and real!

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