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About The Burgundian - Purveyors of FIne Wares for 16th Century Enthusiasts

What is a Burgundian?

Burgundian is the visual for your basic theatrical "princess with the pointy hat dress".

It has very wide lapels in fur and velvet around a very deep "V" neckline. You can see the underdress in the little "v" in front. It has a wide belt, belted very high under the bust. It may be fitted in the bust or just gathered with the belt. It usually has a good bit of train. It can have tight narrow sleeves, or a little fuller with a turned back cuff lined with fur or velvet to match the lapels. It is usually worn with a pointy hennin.

Men's Burgundian garb is wide shouldered with sleeves puffy at top and not so puffy at wrist. All kinds of pleats converging at waist and a little short pleated "skirt" that only barely covers buns & naughty bits. It is worn with tights & pointy shoes. Also worn with the "doughnut & cockscomb" hats (liripipe & chaperone).

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What is this? This is The Garbindex - a guide to making garb for recreationists (ie how to sew clothes that will make you look genuinely medieval, when 'playing' with such groups as the SCA, doing LARP - or even making something really genuine for drama.)

Use these resources to find resources that will help you create clothing that looks great - and real!

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