Bliaut Sewing Instructions

This page is intended to be read after the Bliaut Cutting Layout Instructions.

Then put it together, according to the sewing layout.

I generally find it easiest to do center gores front and back, then sleeves, then side gores, then sew back to front.

The part that is left open will be longer than the length of the bottom of your bust to the top of your hips. You cut it in on the sides so that it'll be tight when done, and then put in eyelets or grommets. Then take a length of ribbon and lace it up (I find bottom to top works best). Put it on, and then pull the laces up so that that the top of the side gores is just above your hips. It should feel snug around your torso, and very loose below your hips. It should give the effect of horizontal pleats in the torso region, with long vertical folds below.

I always put a keyhole neckline on mine (remember to put less of the hole at the back of the neck than at the front - that bit me my first time) and place trim on the two seamlines on the arms. (If your cutting layout allows, you can also do a one piece sleeve, but I like the cut of the one I did with a two piece better)

The fun part is cutting the hem so it lays properly (it should pretty much touch the floor) and then hemming the 35+ feet of hem you'll end up with.

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