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About The Houpeland

Patterns To Make The Houpeland

  • The bag sleeve is a fun variant to the wide angel-wing or trumpet type houppelande sleeve, for both men and women. The problem is that there are some commercial patterns available for houppelandes that lead the newer costumer astray, by solving the bag sleeve issue as if it were some sort of two-dimensional kimono sleeve. Even though these patterns generate the "big dress" style of houppelande, rather than the very full circle plan, you can still get a very nice looking houppelande from them -- if you make your own sleeve.

    Cynthia Virtue
  • Cynthia Virtue
  • Note: this file is in PDF format - you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, downloadable for free from Adobe, to view this file

    Mistress Corisander Seathwaite
  • The author has developed a pattern of predominantly triangular shaped pattern pieces based on observations of many paintings and illuminations of the time period, along with interpretation of evidence presented in the book A History of Costume by Carl Kohler.
    This pattern also incorporates funnel shaped sleeves with pleated shoulders and a convertible collar. It can be achieved through simple alterations of an existing princess line dress pattern.

    Irčne leNoir
  • Brief sketches of houpeland patterns

    Tempus Peregrinator
  • A very brief description of a basic layout of the easiest version of a houpelande

    Cynthia Virtue
  • A page with many basic medieval patterns

    Arnora Dunestan
  • Two patterns:
    PP 26 - Size: Multisized 8-18 Men's and Women's Houpelandes. Contains 6 Houpelandes for either sex with interchangeable necklines and sleeves.
    CC 1404M - Size: Multisized 36-52" chest. 14th Century men's Houpelande. A style popularized by the Italians with long flowing dagged sleeves.

    Patterns of Time
  • (scroll down to see the cover image of this pattern)

    Harper House

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What is this? This is The Garbindex - a guide to making garb for recreationists (ie how to sew clothes that will make you look genuinely medieval, when 'playing' with such groups as the SCA, doing LARP - or even making something really genuine for drama.)

Use these resources to find resources that will help you create clothing that looks great - and real!

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