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This is the Garb Index - Welcome!

Conceived when I was first involved in recreating historical garb, and found I had no idea what those nice ladies on the mailing lists were talking about, I figured there were other people in the same boat, and I decided to write up some descriptions from what I had learnt.

This site is not supposed to be definitive of anything, but is intended to give introductory descriptions and point the reader off to the authoritative descriptions.

Affiliate Programs

This is a non-profit site: it doesnt sell anything, nor do I have any particular bias in recommending one supplier over another. How unbiased the site is, is one possible cause of its recurring popularity. Nonetheless, the site has costs, so I make some small attempt for it to be self-supporting through various affiliate links.

These payments are used to offset costs; they are my sole connection to anything linked on The GarbIndex, and they dont influence my decision to include or not include anything.

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We view the personal privacy of people as very important and will do our best to ensure you retain it. Our Privacy Policy forms part of the terms of use of this website. If you dont like this, you probably need to leave now - but we think you'll be just fine with it.

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Caveat Emptor

I make no claims for the accuracy or correctness of anything I have included on this site - its up to you to verify anything you find. I try to correct or remove broken links, but they will get ahead of me. In the meantime, make sure you use the link in the top left of every page to bookmark the site or page, and you'll never lose track of what I hope is a wonderful reference!


If you find any problems, would like to correct me on something, even want to ask me to cover something then please feel free to contact me - thanks!

Comments on this page? Corrections? Links to add? Tell me! - thanks!
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