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About The T-Tunic - Purveyors of FIne Wares for 16th Century Enthusiasts

Patterns To Make The T-Tunic

  • I have an early period persona, and so my garb consists mainly of that universal 'newcomer's garb', the T-tunic. But a T-tunic in period was far from simple. It was a complex garment made up of many pattern-pieces, a far cry from our one-piece, fold-and-sew standard material-waster. This article is the result of some research I've done, and an attempt to put that research into a practical application for the SCA folk who want to be a little more adventurous with that ubiquitous garment.

    Maggie Forest
  • A very brief outline of how to make a non-authentic t-tunic

    Clemence L'Estrange
  • non-authentic link

    Bill McConnell
  • This article shows you how to make a simple piece of medieval-ish clothing.

    Canton of Wolfsgate (an SCA group)
  • This article claims to be a t-tunic pattern easy enough for a stick jock to make. Must be pretty easy then... <Gwennie looks around nervously>

  • Detailled instructions on making a t-tunic in the viking style

    Carolyn Priest-Dorman
  • Simple instructions with hand-drawn images

    Lady Brigit MacDonald
  • A simple guide to a simple t-tunic.

    Dagorhir Battle Games, a LARP
  • Pattern and instructions for an authentic t-tunic, based on the KRAGELUND MOSE TUNIC

    Aelfric Guthredsson
  • Step-by-step instructions on making your first garb.

    Cynthia Virtue
  • Step by step instructions to a very basic t-tunic

    Antina Richards-Pennock
  • non-authentic pattern

    Dawn Duperault
  • Creating your own tunic pattern for wear in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

    Kelly M Vogt
  • Too often new re-enactors are rushed to make something just to "get them on the field". There is no reason for this haste. Fabric costs money and sewing takes time. Making bad garb is just a waste of precious resources. Your first piece of clothing doesn't have to be something you'll be ashamed of in years to come. You can make easy, historically accurate medieval clothes in minutes, and you can do it right the first time.

    Kass McGann

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What is this? This is The Garbindex - a guide to making garb for recreationists (ie how to sew clothes that will make you look genuinely medieval, when 'playing' with such groups as the SCA, doing LARP - or even making something really genuine for drama.)

Use these resources to find resources that will help you create clothing that looks great - and real!

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